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Online advertising can put you on page one of Google. As a Google Certified Partner, we can get you qualified sales leads with pay-per-click SEM campaigns.

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Can your website be seen on all devices? Responsive web designs adapt to their environment. You can have one website for every screen size.

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Expand your business by connecting with your customers. Social media marketing encourages readers to share your brand.

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Inbound Lead Generation Marketing Services

This is your one-stop marketing hub for all of your web sales needs. Each one of our services as detailed on this site contribute in one way or another to achieving more sales leads for your business. When you hire OttawayDigital you are hiring a consultant that will use the sum of the parts to create one ultimate goal: increase your profit.

There are now thousands of consultants offering the services we specialize in, but few that know how to make them work together to get you your needed sales. We’re not here to “blue sky” you. We won’t make you read an endless supply of spammy content to embellish our reputation. We don’t need to. Our reputation will speak for itself.

We want to assist you in a speedy decision, not bore you with a bunch of hyperbole. So pick your topic from our menu and begin to learn how we’ll increase your sales and make you more money. Oh, and don’t let anybody fool you: It takes a lot of hard work on both our part and yours. But, we love what we do, so we’ll make it easy on you.

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Clients Say

The OttawayDigital strategy for our Summer 2013 ad campaign was a big break from the past, but it worked superbly we must say. We reduced our mass media budget by over 70% and still saw a 13% increase in passengers. We can't wait to put what we've learned this year to work next year.

What I find most valuable about your service is the fact that you are willing to provide your honest opinion on what you think will and won't work for the parks system AND you are willing to do research and give me the "why's" of your reasoning so that I can educate the staff here about ideas they have that might not necessarily be the best use of out resources. It helps to have all that background information for the decision making, especially when there are so many players involved.
We've been very happy with the services provided and I'm looking forward to what we can accomplish in 2013.

It has been a pleasure working with your company.