Businesses Can Learn From Facebook’s Adapting Strategy

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Facebook Shows How It Isn’t Always Necessary to Invent the Wheel


With how much traffic is on social media, the competition between social media giants is very high. Everyone knows that Facebook is king, but they are always looking ahead and innovating. Since October 2013, the Stories feature on Snapchat has allowed users to share photos and videos that will only be able to be seen for 24 hours after they are posted. The idea of only being seen for a day made Stories wildly popular and the social media industry didn’t ignore their success. During the summer of 2016, Instagram introduced a similar feature called Instagram Stories. In early 2016, WhatsApp came out with WhatsApp Status, which is another copy of Snapchat’s Stories. Now Facebook has just released its own version of Stories, and the move will have a huge impact on how Facebook users share content.

This is significant in terms of marketing strategies for business moving forward. A timely conversation on social media platforms is key to participating in a given industry’s ongoing conversation. If your take on an issue is late to the discussion, your audience will have moved on already. Having a voice on Facebook’s Stories will be crucial in reaching your share of the 1.23 billion daily users on Facebook. With competition being so high among social media platforms, it is a savvy strategy to take notice of what is successful for competitors and try to adapt those ideas and concepts for your own gain.

Facebook Mirrors Snapchat (Again) With Stories Feature By Mike Isaac March 28, 2017

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Facebook Can Save You Money On Generating Sales Leads

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If your site is not “growing” leads, then you’ve got to buy them. However, here’s a big savings tip: Move to Facebook from AdWords or your favorite aggregator, such as The reason is that Facebook allows you to target more efficiently than AdWords saving you lots of costly clicks. Secondly, you won’t have to pay for duplicated sales leads like you do with most aggregators.

Facebook knows so much more about its users than Google. It provides a real dollar savings advantage over AdWords. You can still target by age, gender and zip code, as well as many other “interests” (as they describe it). Anytime one of our clients is paying too much for their sales lead conversions we begin to test their advertising campaigns on Facebook. We recommend that you do, too. Here’s to more leads!

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Is Your Website At “The Hotel California”?

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Do you know if you really own your website? Don’t laugh. This is a real problem and many of you savvy business people make assumptions that can prove very costly. Always ask and read the fine print if necessary… but don’t let your host or SEO consultant own your site. Why? If, or should I say “when” you leave, they will take your site down and you’ll have to build a new one. That can be costly. How can this happen in this internet age of “total transparency,” you ask? It’s happening every day, and by big, established companies that you know well.

I’m not saying that they didn’t tell you… you just may not have fully comprehended. A prospective client of ours in California called their current SEO provider, Spectrum Inc., to cancel and was told that if they did, they would lose their site. Sure enough, it is right in their contract and there’s nothing illegal about that. You’ll find that you don’t own your site if you’re hosted and consulted by Yellow Pages or Yodle either, so be careful. They may offer you a low-cost website, but you “can’t ever leave.” Hence our analogy to The Eagles #1 Classic Rock Song of All Time: “Welcome To The Hotel California”…You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave! (Writer(s): Glenn Lewis Frey, Don Felder, Donald Hugh Henley)

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“Live Chat” is a Good Source of Sales Leads

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If you are not already using “Live Chat” on the Home Page of your website you are missing out on another source of sales leads.  Why?  Many prospects want to ask a question or two anonymously…with no chance of a salesperson calling.  In most cases a savvy salesperson can easily lead a “live chatter” into your sales process.  Look at it this way…it’s one more possible sale.  It’s very inexpensive, so why wouldn’t you do it?

Most of our clients are using it and have been for some time.  None would give it up, but most hesitate to start it initially.  Objections are generally:  Who’s going to answer it?  We don’t have time.  If the chat is not answered quickly, it will backfire on us.  Those are all valid concerns, but most of the time they are easily resolved.  Now, if you don’t want to answer the chats, we will do it for you.  Your cost is $15 per qualified lead (name, email/phone, their interest, their locality) and a one-time set-up fee.  Don’t miss out on another sales lead….Live Chat!

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Business Listings Are Appearing on Google Based on Proximity

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Without any announcement, Google is now putting businesses in the Local Search Pack (you know, those three listings that are under the ads, but above the unpaid results) based on the proximity of the business to the location of the searcher. For example, if you own a restaurant and you are close to the searcher…say one of the three closest…your business will be shown. So now the Local Pack will be different every time you search from a different location. This will be especially noticeable on mobile.

What does this mean for your website’s ranking: (1) If it’s now showing in the local pack all the time for any mention of your business in your city, it will not anymore. (2) If you haven’t done any SEO, your site may appear in the Local Pack anyway. (3) If you don’t even have a website for your business, your business may still appear in the Local Pack based on Google Maps. In general, organic ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are not affected. Thank you to Darren Shaw for his great investigative work.

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