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How To Place Mobile Ads on Google

Posted under Inbound Marketing on Tuesday, 24 December 2013 by

With the meteoric rise of smartphones in today’s culture, more and more companies are investing time and money in upgrading their company brand for mobile.  You would be hard-pressed to find any popular website that doesn’t have a mobile version of its desktop site, and many of these sites are now beginning to implement advertising designed specifically for mobile devices.  Thanks to the advancements in ad technology made by Google, enhancing your ad campaigns for mobile is almost effortless.

Having your ads enhanced for mobile essentially means that your ad is now accessible from all types of devices, and you can target certain ads towards customers who are viewing your site from a mobile device.  It used to be that Adwords would have you enable the enhanced upgrade for mobile manually on all of your ads, but more recently Google has taken to making the upgrade a default setting, and it is now automatically put in place for all of your campaigns.  This setting makes monitoring and controlling your ads much easier, allowing you to change your bids when someone views your site on a mobile device.  While mobile is clearly on the rise, mobile advertising still isn’t quite as expensive as other platforms.  So, with the enhanced mobile upgrade, you can change your bids on mobile ads and save yourself some money.

For example, let’s say you run a business selling stereo equipment.  You can create ads with pages and images that are optimized for mobile, and consolidate them into the same campaign as your ads for the desktop site.  Then you can change the bids on your mobile ads, say decrease by 20%, then those ads will run on a mobile device for less money per click than they will run on desktop searches. This step also reduces the total number of campaigns you need to create.

Use of mobile devices and mobile websites has grown tremendously, and that’s a trend that is only going to continue.  To save on your pay-per-click advertising with Google, take advantage of the enhanced mobile upgrade.  It’s a smart business decision and it ensures your ads are effective across all types of devices and platforms.

Mobile Websites: Discover The Lost Revenue!

Posted under Digital Marketing on Wednesday, 28 December 2011 by

E-Commerce sales have been solid this Holiday season, with IBM Benchmark, a consulting unit of IBM, stating that online sales have accounted for 15% of total holiday sales. The big surprise: Only 8.9% of the sales were made using mobile web devices. With iPad, tablet and smart phones selling at record numbers, how can this disparity be explained? As John Squire, chief strategy officer for IBM Smarter Commerce, states: “Consumers are using their phones to do a lot of searching and price comparison, but just not buying. There are a lot of laggards in online retail that just haven’t done a great job getting their sites ready for mobile.”

Building a quality mobile web site is imperative to an E-Commerce business. Businesses should keep in mind they should have websites that are unique to the mobile platform as well as desktop. In the world of websites, one size does not fit all. A consumer is much more likely to buy from a site that is safe and easy to use.

The time is approaching where businesses that don’t have a mobile website will see a large amount of lost revenue. More and more consumers are using their smart phone as a buying tool. Ottaway Communications can help you build a mobile E-Commerce website that will attract buyers with a sleek, customizable, and easy to use website. Contact us for more information.