Our Clients

Two Man Movers

I can't say enough positive things about Bob Ottaway and his knowledgeable team. I was new to the industry when I purchased Two Man Movers & Storage in March 2014. We hired an extremely talented local company to handle all of our marketing for the first year. Happened to be a good friend. This company went above and beyond what they new to do and did a good job. Because of Ottaway's vast amount of industry knowledge, I decided to make a very difficult decision, replaced my friend and committed to Ottaway Digital. Their level of industry experience is second to none, It's very clear that Ottaway Digital has help our business tremendously! We feel it everyday and they prove their results with monthly conference calls/webinar meetings. We at Two Man Movers & Storage most definitely recommend Ottaway Digital!
- Mike Simmons

Oakland County Parks

Your team makes my job easier. Once Ottway Communications says something will be done I check it off my "to do" list and move on with other projects because I know it will be completed with 110% effort and excellence. I love working with Bob Ottaway!

Mooney Movers

Ottaway Digital has helped out company (Mooney Movers Inc.) extraordinarily. They have given us sound advice and have built our website to help grow out business. Ottaway Digital also helps to optimize out website. We are very pleased with their services and look forward to a long lasting relationship with them.

Diamond Jack River Tours

The OttawayDigital strategy for our Summer 2013 ad campaign was a big break from the past, but it worked superbly we must say. We reduced our mass media budget by over 70% and still saw a 13% increase in passengers. We can't wait to put what we learned this year to work next year.

Gorno Ford

It has been a pleasure working with your company.


We have seen our PPC campaigns get increased CTR at lower costs under the direction of Ottaway Digital. We have been successful in obtaining more advertising due to the increased traffic to our site.

Thrifty Florist

Since the inception of our program with Ottaway Digital, we have seen a tremendous increase in web traffic, conversions, and overall revenue. Our web business is up 30% in the first 6 months of 2007 working with Ottaway Digital.

Clearwater Systems Kinetico

Ottaway Digital’s overall management in our campaigns has been a major breakthrough for my company. Month after month, they are coming up with new ideas to make my staff think and further embrace the world of Online Advertising; did I mention we receive almost 30 leads a day because of their PPC efforts?

Our Work

  • RBA Door
    Webpage design for one of our clients

    A sister site to RobertBrooke.com, RBA Door gives customers a fluid, easy-to-navigate online shopping experience.

  • Owens Soft Water
    Webpage design for one of our clients

    An informational water treatment site designed to fulfill the needs of commercial and residential customers. Easily accessible information and customer support makes this site excel.

  • Diamond Jack's Riverboat
    Webpage design for one of our clients

    A 25 year old Detroit tradition hired us to build them a new website and add online ticketing. It its first season of online ticketing it is a runaway success. Now we close a lead online by selling them a ticket online...now.

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