A Google Ads Certified Agency Partner

Ottaway Digital is a Google Adwords Certified Partner. Since 2006, we have been first in Metro Detroit in all facets of search marketing. As a team of online marketing professionals, search engine marketers (SEMs), search engine optimizers (SEOs), and digital marketing consultants, we love creating Adwords campaigns – and we excel at it.

Google Ads: Targeted, Inexpensive, Effective

We manage our Google Adwords accounts daily, and our company has gone to great lengths to acquire our Certified Partner status. In order for an individual to become certified with Google Adwords, you must pass two exams administered by Google. These exams test your working knowledge of the program in great detail, and we’d be happy to put our certifications to use for you.

To maintain a Google Ads Certified Partner status with Google, a company must have at least one Ads Certified individual on staff and spend a minimum of $10,000 every 90 days with Google. You must also display a high degree of activity on your account and prove to Google you’ve mastered Adwords by providing clients with excellent service and making the most of a client’s budgets. Google reviews its Partners to ensure all of these criteria are being met.

Google Ads Strategy: Increase Impressions, Increase Conversions

To get sales, or conversions in the lingo of Google AdWords, you need clicks. As you see in the headline above, you need impressions to get clicks. So let us frame this for you:

The online sales process follows these steps:

  1. Prospect finds you organically on a search, or clicks on one of your paid ads.
  2. Once they are on your website, we want them to be “funneled” toward our goal of getting a conversion, or at least capturing an email. Our designers see to this.
  3. But as the headline says you need “impressions”, that is page views, to get clicks that can lead to sales lead generation.
  4. If your site isn’t getting enough leads, it may be because it does not have the traffic necessary to generate those leads.
  5. This is where online advertising becomes so valuable. It can generate the traffic you need for your site to make it a profitable lead generation machine.
  6. Digital Media offers a variety of options today that will make it very efficient to use by any size client.

So, it all starts with an “impression” or your website listing appearing on the page being seen by the searcher, either organically, or viewing a paid search ad of some type…text, video, animated banner, contextual. And, to the point of this topic, if you are not getting enough impressions from the site’s organic results, then you will need to invest in a digital media campaign to drive more website impressions so the page is being shown more often. That is where the Ottaway Digital years of experience as a Google Ads Certified Partner will bring you great insight into what you need, what it will cost and what kind of conversion rate is typical for your industry.

We meet and exceed these requirements at Ottaway Digital, and every day we look forward to another opportunity to put our expertise and knowledge to good use for our clients. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re thinking about using Google Ads to spread awareness for your business and generate more leads, call Ottaway Digital at (248) 637-4600 or fill out the form on this page.