Adobe Flash Ads: On Their Way Out?

Google is set to make a power move with its Chrome browser on September 1st by blocking all Internet ads that use Adobe’s Flash technology. More specifically, ads that utilize this technology will be auto-paused in the browser, and will rely on users clicking them manually, a format that will likely have advertisers jump ship in search of the next best thing. Jack Marshall of the Wall Street Journal takes us through what could be the final days of Adobe Flash ads in his recent article titled “Chrome Browser Will Block Flash Web Ads.”

Marshall takes us through the past 20 years where Flash a has been used predominantly to power online banner and video ads, but not without its caveats. Flash is notorious for increasing page load speeds and device battery consumption, which has now finally culminated in Google’s decision to pause Flash ads as a default setting.

An alternative suggested by Google is HTML 5 technology – similar to Flash, but working much more efficiently on a broader range of devices. And with Flash on its way out from under Google’s wing, it seems to be pushing for marketers to hop on the HTML 5 bandwagon more than ever with tools designed to help build ads in HTML 5, and even convert Flash ads into HTML 5 counterparts.

Adobe is maintaining its integrity by acknowledging HTML 5 as the future of online advertising and even doing its part to ease its entry into mainstream use. This past month, the Interactive Advertising Bureau created an updated “Creative Guidelines,” aiding Flash-based marketers with the impending transition. Sarah Hunt, a senior product manager at Adobe and co-chair of the IAB HTML 5 for Digital Advertising Guidance Working Group, has responded by calling this the “..first step in the process of helping the industry transition into an HTML dominant landscape.”

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