Advertising Leaders Discuss Facebook’s Lack of Data Sharing

During the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity last week, many leaders of advertising organizations shared their opinions on Facebook and the partnerships they’ve made in advertising on the social media site. In the opinions of many at the festival, advertisers feel that, in the way of control over customer data and information, Facebook has a clear advantage.

With almost two-thirds of the online advertising market claimed by Facebook and Google, many advertising professionals would like to see less asymmetry in their relationships and attain more access to the information on Facebook’s 1.6 billion users. With this amount of access available through Facebook, many advertisers are looking to figure out compromises that would allow them a closer relationship with their brands without infringing on the strong privacy policies Facebook relies on. To read more, see Jim Rutenberg’s New York Times article “Ad Industry Confronts The Rise Of Facebook.

The author, Bob Ottaway, is President and Founder of Ottaway Digital.  Established in 1999, it has been a pioneer in SEO, digital advertising & social media since 2006.  

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