Businesses Can Learn From Facebook’s Adapting Strategy

Facebook Shows How It Isn’t Always Necessary to Invent the Wheel


With how much traffic is on social media, the competition between social media giants is very high. Everyone knows that Facebook is king, but they are always looking ahead and innovating. Since October 2013, the Stories feature on Snapchat has allowed users to share photos and videos that will only be able to be seen for 24 hours after they are posted. The idea of only being seen for a day made Stories wildly popular and the social media industry didn’t ignore their success. During the summer of 2016, Instagram introduced a similar feature called Instagram Stories. In early 2016, WhatsApp came out with WhatsApp Status, which is another copy of Snapchat’s Stories. Now Facebook has just released its own version of Stories, and the move will have a huge impact on how Facebook users share content.

This is significant in terms of marketing strategies for business moving forward. A timely conversation on social media platforms is key to participating in a given industry’s ongoing conversation. If your take on an issue is late to the discussion, your audience will have moved on already. Having a voice on Facebook’s Stories will be crucial in reaching your share of the 1.23 billion daily users on Facebook. With competition being so high among social media platforms, it is a savvy strategy to take notice of what is successful for competitors and try to adapt those ideas and concepts for your own gain.

Facebook Mirrors Snapchat (Again) With Stories Feature By Mike Isaac March 28, 2017

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