Google Announces Analytics 360

On Tuesday, Google introduced a new package of products that will help companies to better understand consumer behavior. The group of products is called Analytics 360. Analytics 360 works by analyzing and deciphering a person’s habits over multiple screens. These screens include surfing the Internet over desktop, smartphone, television, and smartphone apps.

The Analytics 360 products involve a number of technologies. For most of the platforms, Google can tailor page designs and place ads. There are also tools included that will help companies to figure out the effectiveness of a particular ad.

According to an article by Quentin Hardy of The New York Times, advertising has become the main source of revenue for Google. In the fourth quarter of 2015, $19 billion of the company’s $21 billion in revenue came from advertising alone. More and more of this revenue is coming from marketing campaigns from large companies.

Paul Muret, vice president for display, video and analytics at Google, explained to The New York Times that the new technology is mainly geared toward mobile.

“Mobile is about moments, shorter and more fragmented. It’s important we string these together,” Muret said. “We need to understand the desires of consumers in each point in time to understand their context and intent.”

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