Google Teaches Computers Aptness for YouTube Ads

Questionable YouTube Content No More


In the past, you could have been watching a YouTube advertisement and alongside it, you may have been exposed to unrelated and offensive material such as hateful speech and extremist content. The level of concern for companies who advertise on YouTube had reached a boiling point. In late March, over 250 top brands paused their advertising spending with the online video platform costing YouTube and parent company Google millions. Walmart and Verizon recently pulled their advertising efforts, but Google has gone to work on the issue and has developed some solutions.

Changes have been made to YouTube so that hate speech or extremist material won’t be able to carry advertising with it. Google is also allowing advertisers to choose sites that they want to exclude their ads from. There is another safety measure that was developed that will alert Google if an ad appears alongside offensive and explicit content.

Google is hard at work developing how computers deem a piece of content as relevant and appropriate. You can imagine the difficulty when you consider a movie trailer featuring violence through the actors in the film compared to actual, real-life violent or offensive content. Many new safe-guards are being created and a large amount of man hours are being thrown at this public relations nightmare. Though instances of ads appearing with offensive content were rare, moving forward, Google is working tirelessly to reassure advertisers their brand’s message won’t be viewed or associated with any offensive or inappropriate material on YouTube.

Google Training Ad Placement Computers to Be Offended By Daisuke Wakabayashi April 2, 2017

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