Opting Out of Personalized Digital Ads: Why Aren’t More Consumers On Board?



Touted as the advertising industry’s best kept secret, AdChoices, an organization created by the Digital Advertising Alliance, gives consumers the ability to opt out of personalized digital ads. Appearing as a small blue triangle in the corner of online ads, AdChoices’ logo takes users to a page where they can read more about how to opt out of personalized digital ads, what advertising networks are following them, and more.The information provided is useful and thorough, but is it too much? And are consumers even aware of its existence?

Alina Tugend of The New York Times tells us why this feature remains underutilized in her article titled “Key to Opting Out of Personlized Ads, Hidden in Plain View.”

The author, Bob Ottaway, is President and Founder of Ottaway Digital.  Established in 1999, it has been a pioneer in SEO, digital advertising & social media since 2006.  

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