Television vs. Digital Media for Ad Spending in 2017

There is a battle between digital platforms and traditional broadcast media over advertising dollars. Traditional television is declining in viewership, and according to eMarketer, digital media will pass $80 billion in advertising spending in 2017, which is projected to be $10 billion more than the advertising spending for television. In 2017, television will have many notable returns of old shows in an attempt to reignite the spark from decades earlier. The fact is, selling advertisers on television instead of digital platforms is a hard sell, and that is why you see mud-slinging from the broadcast giants.

For business and advertising, digital platforms offer a more targeted approach that simply cannot be matched by television. More insightful and targeted ad placements are where television needs to develop in order to gain the advertising spending they are losing out on. Broadcast media is a one-way communication, and this presents a huge problem for television. Digital media lends itself to more interaction and being able to thrive off of user-generated content. As of 2017, digital marketing is how advertisers reach the younger generation and not through traditional broadcast mediums.

The author, Bob Ottaway, is President and Founder of Ottaway Digital.  Established in 1999, it has been a pioneer in SEO, digital advertising & social media since 2006.  

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