Effective Advertising Has Social Interaction and Value

Andrew Essex, the CEO of Tribeca Enterprises and former advertising executive, has written and recently released a book titled The End of Advertising: Why It Had to Die, and the Creative Resurrection to Come. The book declares the death of traditional advertising as it has come to be known and that we are bound to soon see the resurrection of a new form of advertising. Essex states we have been under what is called “command and control” for the past 50 years where we have had our lives and entertainment interrupted by advertisements.

The way advertising succeeds amidst people’s distaste for the untimely interruption style commercial is by offering content people want to share. What will work in accord with people’s need to be freed from the bombardment of advertising is creating something people find value in. Being ahead of this trend instead of lagging behind is where advertisers need to position themselves during this transitional time for consumers.

See the Interview with Andrew Essex about his new book: The End of Advertising, by John Williams of The New York Times. June 18, 2017

Advertising seen in Manhattan New York

Source by Pixabay.com – Advertising seen in Manhattan New York

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