Why Inbound Digital Marketing? First in a Series of Seven

There is no doubt that way people use media today is changing…and changing rapidly.  As an advertising authority for over 30 years we have the heritage and experience to notice the change and roll with it.  Building an advertising and marketing strategy that works for the client to achieve their sales goals is our goal.

MEDIUM CLOSE-UP IN THIS BLOG:  Television  Please remember as an advertising agency looking to achieve maxium ROI for our clients, results are all that matters.  Meeting the marketing goals of our clients is the goal.  The strategy to achieve that goal is the tactic.  That is to say, we have no favorite mediums or branded products.  For example, Squawk Box on CNBC a personal favorite, but that doesn’t mean that we recommend it for a client.

Thus, a close look at Television whether Broadcast or Cable is no longer a slam dunk.  In fact, research by Nielsen and Kantar Media discloses that in many cases AS MANY AS THREE-QUARTERS OF MARKETER’S TV AD IMPRESSIONS ARE VIEWED BY JUST 20 PER CENT OF THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE.  A report in the Financial Times states that “Unilever’s $6.3M ad campaign for its Axe body spray was NOT seen by 60% of the 18—24 year-olds it was intended to reach in March this year.”

Since Television ad spending remains the main medium used by the majority of major advertisers this report will have serious ramifications we should think.  It certainly is important for you to review and consider before paying TV’s high Cost-Per-Thousands versus the low CPMs of digital media.  At Ottaway CPM is king.  There is no reason…in most campaigns…to pay a higher CPM than available in alternative media.

Our experience has been in the Detroit DMA that Broadcast TV CPMs are generally $20 or more, while CPMs in digital media such as Facebook can be as low as $ 0.10 CPM.  That’s a difference of over 200 times.  Keep this in mind as you make your media choices.  We do and have made changes to provide the biggest bang for the buck.

We’ll look at Radio next.

The author, Bob Ottaway, is President and Founder of Ottaway Digital.  Established in 1999, it has been a pioneer in SEO, digital advertising & social media since 2006.  

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