Burger King Ad Stunt Raises Questions About Privacy

Google attempted to shut down one of Burger King’s marketing tactics used in a recent commercial. Burger King’s new commercial featured an actor playing a Burger King employee who asked a Google Home device what a Whopper burger is, forcing Google Home to advertise the Whopper when prompted. When the actor in the commercial asks Google Home what a Whopper burger is, it activated Google Home devices owned by consumers to read a description of Burger King’s Whopper. After the ad was released, users began updating the Whopper page on Wikipedia with hilarious descriptions that Google Home devices would automatically read when triggered. Soon after the ad aired, Google made it so the Burger King commercial no longer set off Google Home devices.

Concerns about advertising and privacy arose from Burger King’s advertising campaign. Although Burger King felt that this was a good way to engage customers, consumers have already become uneasy about advertisers’ recent attempts to increase customer engagement which may involve methods that invade user privacy. This new tactic raised the question of whether some advertising tactics are too intrusive. It seems that many companies shy away from this strategy in fear of pushing consumers away.

Burger King ‘O.K. Google’ Ad Doesn’t Seem O.K. With Google by Sapna Maheshwari

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