Start-Up Companies Showing Tech Mindsets At South by Southwest

This week in Austin, Texas, tech conferences were held at the city’s famed South by Southwest festival where new producers of supplements, business clothing, and caffeinated snack cubes drew a lot of attention from attendees and fellow entrepreneurs. Several interviews with the founders of these start-up companies revealed that their new and innovative product ideas have come from using development techniques and practices that are common in technology and engineering culture.

Geoffrey Woo, a tech industry veteran who recently founded Nootrobox, a company that has created chewable coffee cubes known as Go Cubes, took development cues for their prototypes by studying “biohackers”- people that discuss through online forums the effects of different foods and medications. Nootrobox used the information they gathered to create a coffee consumable snack, designed to be more convenient than typical coffee by using compounds that are both safe for use and more likely to guarantee consistent effects.

Other new, noteworthy companies that featured at the SXSW conferences included Ministry of Supply, a Kickstarter-funded apparel company that produces business clothing engineered for strong ware resistance, and Soylent, a meal replacement drink company that operates exclusively on subscription plans.

Both the development and distribution strategies these companies have implemented stem from efforts to appeal to technology culture. With the Internet growing everyday as the strongest influence of culture, these start-ups understand that in order to appeal to an audience of online users, creating products and services that appeal to online developers and engineers is the best place to develop and create success.

Source: “At SXSW, a Shift From Apps to a Tech Lifestyle

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