Don’t just advertise online, get digital sales leads.

Your customers are online. Over 3 billion people that have searched for content, products, videos, blogs, articles, websites, images and information that is relevant to them. These 3 billion people are constantly searching for answers to their questions. If you have a business, chances are one of those 3 billion people are looking to find a solution that your product or service can solve.

So how do you get these people to look at you? That is the question we are here to solve at Ottaway Digital. As one of the premier advertising agencies to introduce SEM (Search Engine Marketing) we are the experts at getting people to and keeping them on your website.

As pioneers of digital and internet marketing in the Metro Detroit area we put our clients’ customers at the forefront of every online decision we make. We will work with you to develop a marketing plan that fits your needs without breaking your budget.

For over 18 years we have been serving clients across the nation, expanding their online presence and bringing their digital and internet marketing efforts to new heights. Based out of Metro Detroit, Ottaway Digital brings the hard work, tact and grit that this city is known for to every marketing endeavor.

Staying ahead of changes in our industry allows us to be prepared to solve problems when they arise from emerging digital trends. We find unique solutions for your business because we are a team of talented, passionate experts that strive to see you succeed by delivering leads to you. Our goal is to increase your leads and in turn increase your bottom line.

There’s no getting around it; your online presence directly impacts your business. Whether you like it or not your website, social media accounts and media purchases tell your customers who you are. Don’t let others write the script. Let us help you share who you are to the online world and get ready to see the offline results.

Check out how we accomplish your internet marketing goals by giving us a call at (888) 954-3900 or inspecting our web and advertising services below.