Generating Quality Sales Leads

Our goal and your goal: increase profits. Typically, this is either done by increasing revenue or cutting costs, but costs can only be cut so far before it becomes unproductive. So, as we both know, increasing profits is every marketer’s job.

All of the services below will contribute in one way or another to increasing leads. But, it’s not that simple. If it were, you wouldn’t be on this site right now. It’s work. It’s time-consuming. And, it’s not “one size fits all.” Each of our services listed below are nowadays pretty ubiquitous… thousands of agencies, consultants and even CPA firms offer them.

Where we differ at Ottaway Digital is that we’ve been doing this since 2000 in one form or another. So you can trust our years of knowledge and experience. We get results and we can prove it. Here’s how it all works in a nutshell:

Sales Lead Funnel on Google Analytics

Looks pretty simple, right? And, in theory, it really is. The “critical inch” here is knowing how to get the traffic into the funnel, analyze it, nurture it and close it. In the “good old days” before automated attendants, voicemail, email, secure offices with cyberlocks, you could just set up an appointment and sell to the prospect in person. Those days are long gone. But, there is some good news, and that is that in this high-tech world your universe of prospects is basically unlimited as the Net has exponentially expanded your marketing area.

So, it’s our job to understand your objectives, and using the tactics in our arsenal of marketing tools, meet your goals. We’re doing it for dozens of clients right now. Let us tell you about our Lead Generation Program and how it will get you results.

If you want to learn more about sales lead generation strategies, download our white paper on the latest lead generation tips & tricks.