Why Use Photography?

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A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. But, in today’s increasingly competitive markets, images can make the difference in attracting attention and closing a sale. Don’t just flood your website with bulky content. Add some color to break up the monotony. Show your patrons what you do instead of just describing it. The right photography can accomplish all of that and beyond. Photographs can be more easily understood than just text alone. In fact, photography is proven to grab attention, increase engagement, drive sales and so much more.

Just look at Facebook or Twitter. Posts and campaigns with pictures command about 65% more attention on Facebook, while tweets with photographs average 35% more retweets. Photography can be a worthwhile tool to increase the legitimacy of your site. People want to see different informational elements at work. If you can capture your own content or find a business that offers photography services, you can start taking steps toward boosting your online authority.

At this point you may be ready to go out and start snapping your own shots, but are you aware of the complex elements that go into capturing the perfect photo? What about the necessary equipment? It may seem like a simple task, but acquiring the proper equipment and implementing the correct photographic elements can be costly and time consuming. That’s where Ottaway Digital comes in. With our photography studio and array of photography equipment we can take, edit and post the photos you want! Keep reading to learn what separates us from other photography websites.

Our Photography Services

Ottaway Digital has been a contender in the marketing and advertising industry for over three decades. Our expansion into the realm of photography is something we’re excited about. Along with traditional media options, like still photos, we also utilize cutting edge photography equipment. Below are just some of our services:

  • Still photography – We can take pictures of your products, employees and anything else you may want to have posted on your website.
  • 360 Content – Media is changing, and we are adapting. Our 360-degree capabilities allow us to capture your specified content through both pictures and videos.
  • Content Editing – Already have some shots you like, but want improved? We can do that.
  • Animated Image Creation – Infographic illustrations, animated video and more!

woman taking picture

We can bring virtually any photography project to life. We take the time to realize your aspirations here at Ottaway Digital. Our committed staff will coordinate with you at every step to capture that vision and bring it to life. It is this dedication that sets us apart from the rest of the photography websites in existence today. We can take photographs inside and outside of your business to illustrate what you want to your customers. Staff composites for your website are also a breeze. How about images and descriptions of your product line? From simple to complex, we are audacious with every task.

Getting your Photography Quote

Does cost concern still have you on the fence? No problem. We believe in full transparency with our clients, which is why we offer a photography quote. Our accurate estimate comes at no cost to you and can help you anticipate the total cost of your unique order. Even if you choose other photography websites and their services, it is still vital to obtain a quote. The quote you receive can work to your advantage by holding companies accountable to the price they provided. No one likes hidden fees tacked on a project that is already completed. If you have any questions, contact us at (248) 637-4600 for more information.