Social Media Marketing For Lead Generation

Will your prospect’s comments influence your sales funnel?

All Social Media has its place. Some channels work better for B2B like LinkedIn, and some work better for selling clothes like Pinterest. These are not absolutes by any means but they are worth noting when you allocate your budget in Social Media.

We look at Social Media Marketing as a long-term approach to filling the sales funnel. Important, but a slow build. Will we ignore it? Not by any means, but depending on your industry we may minimize our projected benefits from it for lead gen purposes. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard clients rejoice that they have 900 “Likes” on Facebook…and no action on their site.

We’ve been active on Social Media since 2006 when Twitter had about 100,000 users. We’ve watched it grow, and for some industries it is vital…for others…not so much. But that’s why you hire a consultant to steer you through all of the claims and navigate your business to quality sales leads.